When is the best time to clean your gutters? It’s always a good idea to clean them in the spring, but I recommend getting ahead of the problem and cleaning them now.

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The leaves are falling and filling up your gutters. Most people wait to clean their gutters in the spring when the rain comes, but guess what?

If you clean your gutters before winter hits, snow won’t pack those leaves down and clog your gutters. It is easier to clean your gutters when the leaves are dry, anyway. If you wait until spring, the leaves will be a soggy mess.

Not only that, if we happen to have a 40° day this winter, it could rain. If your gutters are clogged, that rain will come down the side of your house. If your sump pump does not keep up with it, you’ll wind up with water in your basement.


So, check your gutters now. It’s always good to clean them in the spring, too, but cleaning the gutters now should help you avoid any major problems in the winter or early spring.

If you have any real estate questions or need to hire someone to clean your gutters, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I can certainly refer you to someone. I look forward to hearing from you!